4th Grade Supplies

Baxter School Fourth Grade School Supplies 2014-2015

*Please write your name on all starred items.

*Two black thin-line permanent markers (Sharpies)

*Crayons and colored pencils



*Several black dry erase markers (no eraser)

*Ruler (standard and metric)


*Glue stick

*Crayola Watercolor Paints (8 color)

*Three full-size spiral bound notebooks

*Three individual folders

*One plastic 2 pocket folder for homework

*Highlighter pens

*Composition Notebook

*Gym shoes (if your child doesn’t normally wear tennis shoes)

Items to share with the class: (no need to label with your name)

Box of Kleenex

Box of sharpened yellow pencils

Last name A – F: tub of wipes

Last name G – K: extra box of sharpened pencils

Last name L – Q: sandwich sized zip-loc bags

Last name R – Z: gallon sized zip-loc bags

*No Trapper-Keepers, please

Don’t worry if you are not able to find every item on the list.

If you are having difficulty purchasing supplies please notify your child’s teacher.